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Prince Harry’s Blue Engagement Suit – The Look for Less

I’m not Royal Wedding crazy, but I am a bit of a admitted Anglophile. I’m a big fan of the things at which Brits are known to be great. Iconic television series, both comedic and dramatic, legendary English shoes, incredible grooming products, and a flawless sense of traditional tailoring. Prince Harry’s blue engagement suit Monday did more than enough to drive this final point home. Before I get into my recommendations on more affordable alternatives to the prince’s suit, I want to take a moment to walk through what I like so much about it. I love the color of this suit. Yes, I highly recommend that a navy suit should be your first suit purchase, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t Prince Harry’s first suit. Blue is also a little flashier for a special occasion, which this obviously is. So I suggest keeping the navy in your closet during a day like your engagement. The prince also lets his suit do most of the work by keeping the other elements simple. He subtly paired it with a crisp white shirt, a classic navy tie, and…

Kingsman Style for Less

I am very excited to see the new Kingsman movie which premiered last week. If you haven’t seen Kingsman: The Secret Service yet, definitely go check it out. I thought it was a great modern take on the over-the-top 1960s British spy flicks. One of the things that makes Kingsman special is the clothes. The clothes are truly amazing in the film, and the Kingsman style continues in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. In fact, the wardrobes are so nice, the creators of the movie launched a clothing line at the same time using the actual clothes used in the film. The only trouble for me is that the clothes are a bit out of my price range. A Kingsman suit and a pair of brogues will set you back between $2,000 and $3,000!

The Look for Less: Dev Patel’s Navy Suit at the 2017 SAG Awards

My social feeds have been filled with plenty of “Best Dressed” lists from Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. Most of the lists included a lot of tuxedos, which I have no problem with. But one suit stood out for me: Dev Patel’s navy Brunello Cucinelli suit…