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The Waxed Cotton Jacket: A Fall Classic

I woke up yesterday to walk my dogs early, and it was cold and damp out.  What a truly fitting last day of September.  Today is October 1st, and Fall is really here, not just a date on the calendar.  It’s chilly in the morning.  Next week, the highs will be in the 60s.  Polo shirts are pretty much done until next Spring.  And I just ordered firewood for those cold nights.  I love this weather, and I love the clothes that go along with this weather.  One of those perfect items that just screams Fall is the waxed cotton jacket.  What I love most about waxed cotton jackets is the combination of style, warmth and waterproofing.  On the style front, they don’t look like a rain slicker or puffy Winter coat.  Both of those types of jackets are fine, but they don’t necessarily look as nice as a waxed cotton jacket, which can be as warm or as cool as you want the jacket to be.  Zip it up with a sweater underneath on those really cold mornings or unzip it with an oxford during those warmer, sunny Fall afternoons.  The waxed cotton…