Caswell-Massey Soap Round Up

Caswell-Massey Presidential Soap Sampler Caswell-Massey Presidential Soap Sampler

We all have those brands. The ones whose grooming products in which we’re interested, but for some reason haven’t made any purchases. Maybe the reasons are financial. Maybe we have too many products already, and we’re afraid of getting involved with another brand. Maybe we just forget each time we’re ready to make some purchases. For me, one of those companies was Caswell-Massey. I was well aware of Caswell-Massey’s history as America’s oldest apothecary and reputation for high quality men’s shaving and grooming products. But I had never actually purchased anything. That changed about two months ago when I decided to finally take the soapy plunge.

I started my journey with four different Caswell-Massey soaps, picking up their Presidential soap sampler and a bar of the Greenbriar soap. Obviously Caswell-Massey has their own list of Commanders-In-Chief who used each soap (except for the newer Greenbriar), but I thought it would be interesting and fun to offer a different spin on each soap. Since I enjoy television and movies as much as I do, I’ve decided to offer my suggestions on which famous character would use each soap.

Caswell-Massey Greenbriar Soap Caswell-Massey Greenbriar Soap

GreenbriarGordon Gekko

As the name suggests, this soap is packed with greens and woods. It captures 1980s power in a lasting way that doesn’t feel out of touch. Greenbriar reminds me of Green Irish Tweed, but it’s a bit more fresh and slightly softer, making it more approachable. This is a scent perfect for spring, summer and fall.

JockeyDon Draper

Suave, stylish and sophisticated, this is a strong, confident scent mixed with florals and musk. I found that most times I didn’t even need to wear cologne when I used this soap. Although a cologne kicker couldn’t hurt. This is a powerful scent, more about the wearer’s personality than the time of year. As such, it can be used all year long.

Number SixJay Gatsby

I’ve described this soap as dated but not outdated. Number Six has an historic charm that fits perfectly with today’s artisanal revival.

Loaded with sharp citrus and fragrant herbs, this soap is proof positive that everything comes back around. I may be going against the grain on this one, but I would use this during fall and winter.

AlmondDickie Greenleaf

This soap is European and cool. Cooler than most Americans can hope be. With the sweetness of the Mediterranean, this soap reminds me of Cella, but more balanced to not overpower the user. Almond is also more delicate than the other soaps. Ideally, I would use this during the hot summer months.

All four of these soaps are fantastic performers too. My skin has noticeably improved over the past two months with increased moisture and hydration. Whatever your scent, I highly recommend any of the Caswell-Massey soaps.


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