Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale!

Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale! Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale!

Brooks Brothers is currently running their massive Semi-Annual sale this week through July 3rd, and I wanted to get a post out as soon as possible with some of my top picks.  Obviously, the purpose of a sale is to blow out remaining inventory before new inventory arrives, but that doesn’t detract from the quality, the label, or the style.  All it means is that you get better prices than someone did last month.  In fact, in addition the two Corporate Membership events BB runs, this is the best time to buy anything.

Clark Fit Garment Dyed Chinos

These plain front, straight leg chinos are Brooks Brothers’ best selling pants for a reason.  With a great selection of colors, you will be hard pressed to find a better pair of comfortable pants for summer.  

Cable Crewneck Sweater

Made with cotton and not wool, this lighter weight sweater is perfect for cooler nights at the beach or the lake.  However, when layered, it is still warm enough to carry you into fall and carry you out of spring.  A true “three season” piece of clothing, you should get a lot of use out of this one.

Dress Shirts

How could you have a conversation about Brooks Brothers and not include dress shirts.  This is BB’s bread and butter.  It’s what they do.  Personally, I like the Regent Fit shirts, and that’s what I’ve linked here, but most of their patterns are available in a variety of fits.


I just think the iPhone case is so perfect for summer.  I have a keychain very similar to this one but with a great white shark that gets compliments all the time.  I also have another pair of Ray-Bans like these from Brooks Brothers with a different pattern inside, but if we’re being honest, I like these gingham ones better.  The beauty of these Wayfarers is that they’re the classic Ray-Ban sunglasses, but with their own unique twist.  Such a great way to break from the herd, even just a little.


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