Blueprint 3-Day Cleanse: Day 1

Blueprint 3-Day Cleanse: Day 1 Blueprint 3-Day Cleanse: Day 1

My wife and I decided to do a 3-day cleanse together. Great idea, right? On top of that I got the genius idea to blog about it, so there was no backing out. We’ve been eating pretty terribly lately, and this seemed like a great way to kick ourselves back in the right direction.

I am a little scared to start this cleanse today for several reasons. First, I had failed before. We tried the Blueprint Foundation cleanse once about a year ago, and I quit about a day and a half in due to the headaches from dropping coffee as suggested by Blueprint. Additionally, we are just coming off a stomach virus, so I’m not sure how that’s going to play out. The good news is that I wasn’t drinking coffee while I was sick, so headaches shouldn’t be an issue.

This is a new type of post for me, so I think what I’ll do is take notes each day and run a timeline of my drinks and any other items that come up throughout the day.

8:00 am – Juice #1

The packaging is great. The juices are shipped cold and stay cold. Unfortunately, this adds to the expense, but who wants to pay for spoiled juice? Blueprint also adds a cold bag if you need to take your juices to work, school, or don’t want to leave the couch. Ok, first sip. Well, it tastes better than it smells, and it smells VERY green. It’s sort of like drinking a salad; not terrible, but not great either. There are two things I’m sure of at this point:

  1. I will not be full after this.
  2. I foresee a lot of water and a lot of peeing in my future.

10:00 am

Oh crap. The headaches are setting in.

11:00 am – Juice #2

Oh, there’s definitely mint in that one. It tastes better than number 1 too. My headache has subsided, but the hunger has not. I would kill for some bacon and eggs right now. Also, my head is a little fuzzy, and I can’t quite focus. Good thing I’m only working on my taxes.

12:45 pm

I can’t stop thinking about food.

2:00 pm – Juice #3

It doesn’t taste as bad as number 1, even though they’re the same damn thing. Maybe I’m just hungrier or maybe my taste buds are confused. I’m not sure. I still have a mild headache too, so that’s fun.

4:00 pm – Juice #4

By far the best tasting juice. It’s basically spicy lemonade, and it’s gone too soon. Regardless I want solid food so bad right now. I just want to feel full. I really think I like food too much for this. Eating Paleo and working out is what I need and what works for me. So I guess the self doubt has crept in. Have I made a terrible mistake?

5:30 pm – Juice #5

The hunger is real. All I can think about is the great food I’ve had in my life, and what I would do to have it again. Day one is almost done, and three days still seems too long. This is definitely a struggle. Also, three doses per day of the green juice is a little rough. However, on the plus side, I haven’t felt bloated or heavy all day!

8:15 pm – Juice #6

The hunger has passed. The headaches are gone too. Things are starting to look up! I have too pee even more than expected. Don’t judge me, all I’ve had today is juice. Juice number 6 tastes pretty decent too. It’s a nice, sweeter way to end the day. I would also say it’s the most filling of the six, if a juice can even be filling. My mind is gone though. I need sleep. I need to recharge.

Be sure to check in tomorrow to see how day 2 goes!


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