Be a Risk Taker Like Chris Pine

Chris Pine is currently one of the biggest names in Hollywood. From saving the universe as Captain Kirk to a supporting role in the blockbuster superhero film Wonder Woman, Pine is not afraid to take a risk. So, we are going to look at how you can be a risk taker like Pine in your style, grooming, and career.

Mix Up the Colors

It can be hard to have the confidence to take risks with your style. Yet if you want to stand out from the crowd you are going to have to mix up your wardrobe. InStyle wrote about how Pine likes to move away from traditional suit colors and patterns, and inject color into his wardrobe. The fashion site created a list of 10 times Pine wore a suit that demonstrated he is not afraid to take risks with his style.

These included bold red suits, green three-piece suits, and even an all white ensemble. What these suits all have in common is that Pine had the confidence to pull them off. When it comes to defining your style don’t be afraid to take risks and stand out.

Experiment with Facial Hair

If you’re as lucky as Chris Pine to be able to rock many different styles of facial hair then you should take a leaf out of his book and experiment. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Pine admitted that he liked to change up his look for the Star Trek Beyond press tour. He started off with a beard before trying a goatee, handlebar, and finally a clean-shaven look. When it comes to facial hair there is a look that will best suit you depending on how much hair you can grow and your face shape. Be like Pine and experiment to find your best style.

Take Risks in Your Career

Chris Pine’s career has sky rocked after he took over the role of Captain Kirk. Yet he almost passed on the character. Pine spoke to Esquire while promoting Star Trek Into Darkness and admitted that he wasn’t interested in being part of the franchise when he was first approached to play Kirk. Pine also spoke of how the fear of taking on such a responsibility made him question the choice.

It is not surprising that Pine would feel intimated for taking on the role of Captain Kirk. Star Trek is one of the biggest science fiction franchises in the world. Since the original series debuted in 1966 there have been decades of films, television series and games that have been set in the Star Trek universe. The franchise has moved beyond traditional entertainment outlets and can be found on many different platforms including an officially licensed Star Trek slots game on the entertainment outlet Slingo. Eventually Pine knew that he had to face the challenge head on and accepted the part. The risk paid off as his portrayal of Captain Kirk has being widely praised. Pine has starred in three Star Trek films with a forth film currently being developed.

We hope that you can replicate Chris Pine’s risk taking in your fashion, grooming and career. There is no denying that those who dare are often the most successful.

By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0
By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0

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