Atto Primo Shaving Brush Review

Atto Primo reached out to me in the early fall to try and review their two shaving brushes. I had never heard of this company before, and, as always, I was thrilled to get to try something new. I have to also thank Atto Primo for their patience. They were one of several brands to submit their products for review prior to November, and they were completely understanding and supportive of my participation in No Shave November. I appreciate their willingness to wait for me. So, let’s get into what makes up an Atto Primo shaving brush.

Atto Primo actually sent me two shaving brushes; their black horse hair brush and their gold boar brush. So first, I’ll break down the similar features then get into what I though of each brush individually. Both brushes are big. The loft for each is 64mm, which is pretty impressive holding a fair amount of water and lather. I have only ever reviewed one other brush with a bigger knot. The aluminum handles really shine on both of these brushes too. They have wonderful weight and balance, but aren’t too heavy. I also found the grip to be fantastic and never had an issue with slippage.

Be aware that with both brushes there is a moderate break-in period. These knots are dense, and need a little TLC before opening up. Thankfully, Atto Primo has provided excellent instructions for just how to break in their shaving brushes.

Horse Hair Atto Primo Shaving Brush

Atto Primo Horse Hair Shaving Brush
Atto Primo Horse Hair Shaving Brush

This was the first time I had used an horse hair shaving brush, and it was definitely a unique experience. I found the bristles softer than boar bristles, and even badger ones for that matter. I had the best success when using this brush with shaving cream as opposed to soap. When using a shaving cream, this brush took a ton of water and produces copious amounts of lather. If you are a shaving cream user or like trying wet shaving products that are a little different, then I definitely recommend this brush.

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Boar Bristle Atto Primo Shaving Brush

Atto Primo Boar Shaving Brush
Atto Primo Boar Shaving Brush

I highly recommend following the break-in instructions with this brush. This knot is very densely packed and needs to open up before unleashing its full potential. However, once broken-in, this brush was a shaving soap monster. I could load so much soap and build so much lather (using a fair amount of water). If you are a shaving soap user, this is a fantastic brush and should find a spot on your shelf.

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