Arko Shaving Soap Review

Arko Shaving Soap Review Arko Shaving Soap Review

I am a happy man today.  Yesterday evening I was able to watch the F1 Australian Grand Prix.  It had been over three months since the last Formula 1 race, and I am so thankful it’s back.  Last year I decided I wanted to start watching (I know, weird, right?).  I had never been a fan of auto racing before; not NASCAR, not anything, but something drew me too it.  Maybe it’s the terrible state of the NBA these days or maybe it’s my boredom with the NFL, but I needed something new.  So, last year, I decided to start watching F1.  I took the advice of others and didn’t choose a team or a driver to root for, I just watched, learned and enjoyed,  I think I’m homing in on a few drivers, but I’m not ready to commit just yet.  Typical guy, right?  Nevertheless, I’m in a very good mood, and already looking forward to March 28th for the Malaysian Grand Prix.  Anyway, on to the soap…

Arko comes in a shave stick too! Arko comes in a shave stick too!

If you’re already a traditional wet shaver, it’s my belief that you’re in one of two camps when it comes to Arko.  Either you use it and love it, or you don’t like/think you won’t like the smell and haven’t given it a chance.  If you are new to wet shaving or you’re still using an electric razor and haven’t seen this picture, you might not have heard of Arko.  I mean why would you?  The soap is sold in a cheap looking tiny plastic tub.  It has this funny looking picture of a guy with a logo that looks like it came straight out of 1957.  Everything about it seems oddly reminiscent of the cans of foam that we’re trying to avoid.  It also comes in a shaving stick…wait?  what?  what the?  what’s a shaving…stick?  A shaving stick is probably the best kept secret in how to travel as a wet shaver.  Picture a stick of shaving soap, wrapped in foil and a label, that you apply directly to your damp face, and build the lather right there with your brush.  It’s an incredibly easy way to pack and travel while bringing your wet shaving gear with you compactly.

Regardless, the first thing you will notice while using Arko is the smell.  It’s not a good smell or a bad smell, Arko just smells like soap.  Some people have said it has a citrus scent.  I don’t get that, but maybe it’s me.  If you’ve read this blog before, you know based on my reviews of Barrister & Mann or Dr. Jon’s that I love soaps with fantastic smells.  So what’s the deal here with Arko?  Well, the soap just works.  Well.  It lathers superbly.  Probably due to the tallow and coconut oil.  The slickness and cushion are incredible.  My face feels flawless after i use Arko, moisturized but not oily.  So while the smell is soapy, the performance is outstanding.  On top of that, this stuff is only $6.20 on Amazon Prime for over 3 ounces!  In my mind the price and performance make this a must-have soap for any wet shaver’s cabinet.

Arko is not just one of the best inexpensive shaving soaps, it’s one of the best shaving soaps period.  I love using this stuff.  Travel is a breeze with both the tub and the sticks.  If you haven’t used it before, pick up a puck up and give it a try.

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