A Perfect Combination for Under $35

A A “Perfect” Combination

This post is inspired by one of my Instagram followers who was looking forward to trying a new purchase.  I had recently used the same shaving soap and had followed up the shave with a new aftershave.  What happened next astounded me.  The main scents of these two products blended into some sort of superscent smelling better and lasting longer than either the shaving soap or aftershave alone.  In fact, I enjoyed the new scent so much I didn’t even use cologne that day.  Both the shaving soap and the aftershave are quality products, but have received criticized for being too one dimensional when it comes to their fragrance.  The fact that they could combine in this way made the experience truly exceptional.  What really got me going about this was the total cost of this combination.  It was significantly lower than most colognes I like with the same longevity.  You can buy them together for around $33 dollars on Amazon and they will last for months.  Anyway, I made the recommendation to my Instagram follower that he combine the two, and realized I had to share this with my readers too.

Shaving Soap – Tabac Original by Maurer & Wirtz

Some people love the smell of this shaving soap, and some people think it falls flat.  I happen to love it.  My problem is that the beautiful tobacco fragrance just fades away as soon as my shave is done, if not sooner.  Most people agree that this tallow-based soap provides a great lather and exceptional shave, but the scent has issues with its longevity.  Well, not any more!  Paired with the right aftershave, I have been treated to that tobacco scent all day long.

Aftershave – Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve

By almost any standard this is an inexpensive aftershave.  You can probably even find it on the shelves of your local drug store.  I know I have seen it at my Rite Aid, but you can probably buy it for less on Amazon.  This doesn’t mean it’s junk though.  I really like this aftershave (as well as the Pinaud Clubman Original Aftershave).  However, I do agree with most people that the only note that you can really smell is leather.  Now, I happen to like the smell of leather, but I enjoy some complexity too.  

By pairing the Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve with the Tabac Original, I could finally get that complexity.  The blend of smoke and leather is just perfect for Fall and Winter.  I highly recommend trying this combination out.  For the price, you can’t afford not to.  I definitely want to hear about your experience with this as well as any other products you love pairing together.

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