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Daily Archives: January 16, 2018

Dressing with Style When It’s Cold Outside

Fall. Fall is so easy for dressing with style. I pop on an extra layer, leave my jacket open, and let my layers trap just enough heat to keep me warm. But dressing with style when it’s cold outside? For me that’s a much more difficult challenge. When it’s freezing, I only want to throw on my Patagonia jacket, lace up my duck boots, and journey out into the frozen tundra like some sort of half-assed, rejected cast member of Ski School (one of Dean Cameron’s best movies, by the way). I find that I really have to push myself out of my comfort zone when the mercury starts dropping. The desire to stay warm outweighs the desire to look good. But I have to constantly remind myself that there are clothes that will actually let me do both. I thought I would pull together two options, one casual and one business, for a little outfit inspiration in the coming two months or so of chilly temps. Casual Dressing with Style When It’s Cold Outside Obviously, the first thing I reach for on cold mornings when getting dressed are…