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Daily Archives: November 29, 2017

Prince Harry’s Blue Engagement Suit – The Look for Less

I’m not Royal Wedding crazy, but I am a bit of a admitted Anglophile. I’m a big fan of the things at which Brits are known to be great. Iconic television series, both comedic and dramatic, legendary English shoes, incredible grooming products, and a flawless sense of traditional tailoring. Prince Harry’s blue engagement suit Monday did more than enough to drive this final point home. Before I get into my recommendations on more affordable alternatives to the prince’s suit, I want to take a moment to walk through what I like so much about it. I love the color of this suit. Yes, I highly recommend that a navy suit should be your first suit purchase, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t Prince Harry’s first suit. Blue is also a little flashier for a special occasion, which this obviously is. So I suggest keeping the navy in your closet during a day like your engagement. The prince also lets his suit do most of the work by keeping the other elements simple. He subtly paired it with a crisp white shirt, a classic navy tie, and…