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Daily Archives: October 27, 2017

Getting Ready for Movember

Movember starts on Wednesday, November 1st. Are you ready? Movember, also sometimes known as No Shave November, is the month when men shave on the 1st and then grow out either their mustache or other facial hair in an effort to bring attention to men’s health issues, like prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The associated charity organizations have done so much to raise awareness and funds, but there’s always more to do. And always more money to raise. This year I’m going to be joining the No Shave November movement and grow out my beard, but I am going to run through a few steps I’m taking to make sure I’m ready. Luxury Shave Since I’m not going to be shaving, something I enjoy doing, for a month, I want my last shave to be special. I’m going to use one of my favorite shaving soaps and the accompanying aftershave. The brush has to be a silvertip for that added comfort. Hardware should provide comfort while achieving that extra-close BBS shave. That’s why I’m using this milder razor paired with this…