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Daily Archives: October 21, 2017

Fall Fashion, Cuffed Trousers, and Shaving with Acne

Oh man, I have a jam-packed Weekend Reading post for you all today. We’ve got three reading lists. (I can never get enough lists about books I should read) there are a couple posts on Shaving with acne. I’ve also included another post on the great debate over whether to cuff your pants or not. And there’s even a GQ article from 1967 that I dug up! Oh ya, and some fly fishing. Do you think the internet is making all style homogenous? If you’re going to name something after Friday the 13th, I’m in! I have always been interested in fly fishing. AoM put together an incredible primer on the subject. J. Crew coming up huge with this fall classic. Ready for fall clothes? Barron has a fantastic guide for getting all of your gear ready. I love this green face. The cuffing debate rages on. The perfect boots for fall, and they’re on sale! Three great articles from Sharpologist on shaving with acne. Why it happens. How to do it. What to use. How great is this sweater?! In my search for articles on men&#8217…