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Daily Archives: September 30, 2017

New Website, Italian Tailors, and Steak

Man, what a crazy week. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing these Weekend Reading posts on Friday night. I’ll sit out on the deck with a cigar and, sort of, dump my thoughts from the week into the post. This week, if you haven’t noticed, I re-did some of the website, which was actually more intense than might be immediately recognizable. I moved from Squarespace to WordPress. This proved, and is still proving, to be quite a steep learning curve. Hopefully, you can be little patient with me and the site as I learn my way around this. I would also appreciate pointing out any bugs or errors of you happen to notice them. One thing I did not realize would happen is that my RSS feed changed. So, if you were subscribed to the RSS, you will have to update it. You can do that by clicking the link in the sidebar or by using this link. I think in the long run, this will be much more beneficial for Tailor & Barber and my readers. WordPress is a more powerful platform with many tools and superior SEO capabilities. That will…