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Daily Archives: August 29, 2016

Outfit of the Day: August 29, 2016

Well, summer is almost over. One of the things I love most about summer is that I think coworkers, friends, even people in general are a little more forgiving of casual or experimental dress. No one seems to care as much. They’re just trying to relax too! Even summer weddings are bit more relaxed (i.e. khaki suits, seersucker, etc.) Well, this week I’m definitely stepping out of my fashion comfort zone. But I figure, with one week left before Labor Day, now is my last chance to take a few risks. I’ve never been a sneakers with a suit kind of guy, but these New Balances are owning my life right now. Seriously. I might have to pick up a second pair because I’m afraid I’m going to wear through these. I do my best to not wear them two days in a row, but sometimes I can’t help myself. (While I’m on the subject, do you rotate your shoes? You should, especially leather shoes. Leather needs to breath. It needs to rest. I needs to dry from having your sweaty feet stuck in it all day. Remember, as much as we…