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Daily Archives: July 29, 2016

Shave of the Day: July 29, 2016

You know whose shaving gear I don’t use enough? Wet Shaving Products. They make some fantastic shaving supplies. I’ve reviewed one of their brushes and two of their soaps (Tobacco and Blackbeard). Despite my positive ratings I don’t break out these soaps as much as I should. I’ve had some trouble breaking in this brush (which is why I haven’t reviewed it yet). My lather this morning was the best I have ever produced with it. WSP’s shaving soaps make your other products better. Today’s forecast calls for thunderstorms all day, and I’ve always found that Green Irish Tweed is a perfect cologne for rainy days. Well, I haven’t had any GIT for a while, not since my bottle shattering drop last year. Yes, that one was painful, and the whole house smelled of the cologne for several weeks. You might think that sounds like a good thing, but after a day or two it becomes quite bothersome. So today I decided to go with another option, Wet Shaving Products’ shaving soap based on the iconic cologne from Creed. It’s absolutely perfect for a rainy summer day…