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Daily Archives: December 18, 2015

La Toja Shaving Stick Review

La Toja Shaving Stick Review This is not the first time I’ve written about the La Toja Shaving Stick.  You can read that here.  Yet, I figured since I’ve been using this soap so much lately, the shaving soap deserved its own review. The first thing about the La Toja shaving stick you might overlook, but shouldn’t, is the packaging.  In spite of the price, a fair amount of thought went into the manufacturing of the container.  From the vent holes at the top, to the secure fit of the soap in the base.  This tube is well-made and contributes to the enjoyment of use.  This may not seem like a big deal, but have you ever tried shaving with an inferior product? Perhaps a shaving soap that was too small for its own container?  Or a shaving brush that kept losing its bristles?  Quality packaging can be the difference between a good product and a great one. I love the scent of this shaving soap too.  While it’s not the strongest or most complex scent in my shave den, there’s just something about it.  La Toja has an old world European fragrance with…