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Daily Archives: February 3, 2015

Style Thoughts: Double Breasted Suit?

Fashion is incredibly cyclical; however, the styles do change a bit each time around.  Last weekend The Financial Times covered Milan fashion week, and double-breasted jackets were definitely on everyone’s mind.  On top of that, the February issue of GQ features a six-page spread on the resurgence of Nick Jonas sporting nothing but double breasted suits.  Needless to say, the double breasted suit craze is on its way, and only one questions remains.  Will you partake? The last two times the double breasted suit was in vogue (mid twentieth century and the 1980s), the typical suit was cut with a decent amount of room.  These cuts were pretty forgiving, and helped to hide some of the extra girth many men were holding on to.  This time through the style cycle, the slimmer trend of recent years continues to hold fast.  I don’t think prior to the last few years most people would have envisioned what a slim-cut double-breasted suit might look like, but they are here and they look fantastic. A double breasted suit is typically more formal, but more formal attire can sometimes lack the standout style that a more contemporary look achieves…