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Daily Archives: August 18, 2014

Welcome to Tailor and Barber!

Have a seat and join the conversation about men’s style and grooming! Welcome to Tailor and Barber! Our goal is to become the Internet’s premier resource for men’s style and grooming.  We want to be a resource that is helpful, educational and resourceful serving all men who want to improve their style and have questions or difficulties with their grooming regimen. For centuries men had to enlist the services of tailors and barbers to improve their style.  While we wholeheartedly endorse those services, we do realize that men can take more control of their daily “look” by looking for more properly fitted clothes, wet shaving at home, shining their own shoes, etc.  So, we created Tailor and Barber as a resource for men who want to take control of those areas in their lives. We come from backgrounds that include large and small companies, formal and casual work environments and industries that include Wall Stree, legal agencies, restaurant management and medical sales.  The one truth that extends beyond all of these industries is that how you look matters.  Baggy khakis and a poofy button down shirt are not going to cut it anymore.  You may not…